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November 8, 2020 | Categories: Blog, Veterans

One of the reasons we have a blog is to inform our neighbors in Zionsville and Indianapolis on how to put their own funeral arrangements in writing, differences in cremation and burial, and give ideas for helping a friend grieve. Our caring team prides ourselves in serving our neighbors with the most compassion and care. We are also knowledgeable about end-of-life services related to our country’s wonderful military men and women. When it is time to lay a veteran to rest, we are experts in ensuring your loved one receives all of the honors and benefits due to them.

Everyone thanks veterans for their service, but we’re proud to take it a step further by making sure they receive the burial benefits they deserve. It is our privilege to serve the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. Keep reading to learn more about questions we often hear from our neighbors in Zionsville and Indianapolis:

What are the burial benefits?

Burial benefits include burial in any national cemetery that has space, headstone or marker, burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. Our caring team is here to ensure that all benefits are received as we help you arrange these special honors. You can read more about burial benefits here.

What is a Presidential Memorial Certificate?

This unique, extraordinary document is an engraved certificate, signed by the current president that honors the memory of honorably discharged veterans.

Can I still receive benefits if I choose a private cemetery?

Veterans that choose a private cemetery are still eligible for a government-issued headstone, marker, burial flag, and the Presidential Memorial Certificate at no cost.

Am I qualified to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?

Plots at Arlington are reserved for retirees from the military, Medal of Honor recipients, and those who lost their lives on active duty. If you meet any of these requirements, you are eligible to be buried there.

What can I do ahead of time to prepare?

Letting your family know exactly how you want to be remembered will give them peace of mind during a time that’s already trying. In addition, you’ll also rest assured knowing your preferences will be followed, and you’ll remove a final burden from your loved ones if you choose to pay in advance. Make sure your family knows the location of your discharge papers – then contact us to start the preplanning process. You can even start planning from the comfort of home with our online planning form.

What if I don’t have my military discharge?

You can reach out to the National Archives to obtain a new copy.

Is every veteran offered a burial flag?

The United States flag is given to each veteran who honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces, at no cost, to drape over the casket or complement the urn.

If I put my own plans in place, does it matter if I choose cremation or burial?

Whether you prefer a traditional burial or cremation, you’ll receive the same benefits, and the remains will be handled in the same respectful manner.

Of course, should you have more questions about veteran benefits, reach out to our care team. We’re always here for you. The website for Veteran’s Affairs is also full of information if you need further assistance.

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